Fuel Rod Friday!!

Let’s call today “Fuel Rod Friday!”

I know, portable chargers for electronics are plentiful for affordable costs all over the place. Amazon. Best Buy. WalMart. I’m sure that you could get a high-capacity unit for under $30 anywhere.


What happens when you’re stuck?

Picture this: You’re having the time of your life. You’re snapping photos of your loved ones, and taking videos to capture the memories to relive. Your kids may be playing one of the various interactive, smart-phone based Disney games through the parks. You’re also using the mobile app “My Disney Experience” to check your fast passes, to see the length of wait for rides around you, to book your additional FP+ selection. Then, you get the dreaded low battery warning. You don’t want to be hooked up to an outlet while you should be enjoying your vacation! You also don’t have any other options for changing your cell phone. The very thing that is helping you make the most of your time in the parks!

Disney has your back!! They have Fuel Rod stations located in all of the parks, and in some of the resorts! For $30 you’ll get this little guy here—FULLY CHARGED!! You’ll also get a collection of cables which include an Apple 30-pin to USB, and Apple Lightening to USB, and a micro-USB to USB!

Now, the Fuel Rod is not going to get you multiple charges, but deplete this guy??? Exchange it at any Fuel Rod location for a new FULLY CHARGED rod! Exchange it as often as you want, anywhere you can find Fuel Rod kiosks!

Fully charged, it will provide you up to 8 hours of talk time, or up to 4 hours of mobile tablet use.

Most airports also seem to have these, so you could even check the cost before you depart/after you land to see if it’s less expensive off property!

So, of course, you could get a better unit at a better price, but convenience outweighs that for us when we’re in the parks…I LOVE that I only paid for this guy once, and I get a fresh one anytime I need without worry!!

However, I am curious to hear your own battery solutions, so leave me your input below!!!

And remember, Destinations with Character Travel is a full service solution! Let’s plan your next memory making experience!! Contact me for a FREE no-strings-attached quote! A Disney vacation can be reserved for as little as $200, and I can help you set up a payment plan than makes sense for you!

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